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For those employed prior to December 16, 2018

Effective December 16, 2018 all Associated Retail Operations Team Members (Including Dan's, Dick's Market, Fresh Market, Lin's, Macey's and Honey Bee) have been given a new employment record in our payroll system. You will continue to use your current Employee Number to access your 'new' record.  Your new record will not contain historical information including Paycheck data, hours, etc.

To access your old record, enter your employee number followed by the letter 'A' (example: 123456A).  Those who have recently transferred companies prior to December 16, 2018 (ex: Macey's to Dan's) and already have an 'A' record, please use the letter 'B'.

Updates to Direct Deposit, W4, and any other changes that will affect future paychecks must be completed in your 'new' employment record.  Address, phone, email and any other contact related information need to be updated in both (old and new) employment records.

You need to use your 'A' or 'B' Employee Number to access paychecks and other employment related information for calendar year 2018 and earlier.